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Vogue! Strike a pose

Close-ups, mid-length, full length, candid....there are so many types of poses. Here’s a beginners guide to serve you so you can rock that shoot with confidence! 


Posing can be overwhelming with multiple people, especially with young restless kids. That’s why photographers go-to posing is “candid” posing. Candid is still technically posing but by movement given through “prompts.” Prompts are awesome because it gives a purpose behind an image. An example of a prompt is “Look at the person who farts the most.” Yes, it sounds gross, but given in the moment it catches people off guard that they not only look, but laugh at the random comment. It’s even funnier when not everyone is looking at the same person. 

For older, more focused kids you can do more “traditional” poses. These are usually the ones looking straight at the camera with that million dollar smile.

Typically, these are either organized by gender or height. You could either have tallest in the middle descending outward if it’s one row, OR smallest in the front and center ascending outward AND backwards....this sounds complicated in writing, BUT when actually given direction by a photographer it’s really easy. 


Now with seniors, they LOVE to be on trend. Currently “candid” is becoming more common. This is great for graduation announcements or that picture going onto the fireplace BUT not for your ACTUAL senior portrait.

Most schools have restrictions on these photos. Some are that they must be of the face (no full length shots), no props, no provocative clothing, and no pets. Any photos that include these will be switched to your student ID card photo...which if you spent money on professional senior photos can be a WASTE if you don’t even get to use them for the yearbook... so FOLLOW THE RULES! If you have a good photographer you can get both what you WANT and NEED.

For posing inspiration check out Pinterest “senior photos” or go to your school library and look at last years yearbook so you know EXACTLY what they accept.

I know I didn’t get into too much detail of the EXACT poses you can do. This was more of a beginning understanding of the WHY. Keep a look out for future blog posts more about posing. I update my blog once a week. 

What would you like to know more about posing? Comment below so I can help serve you better! These photos should be something you can look back on to love and cherish. 

Have a Gray day!

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