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To print or not to print?

We live in the digital age where everything can be downloaded into files for you to keep so why should you print, or not print? Here’s the thoughts short and sweet right to the point.

To Print

-If your computer/phone malfunctions you have a back up in print

-not everyone is in the digital age, prefer something in their hands

-fill up blank walls in your home

-relatives might want copies for their home to show you off

-sending out announcements (seniors, engagement, Christmas cards)

-family history (pass on to your decedents to know about you and the family)

Not to print

-Most people just share via social media or email

-You can back up on a USB drive

-Family history sites to download images for other people to find (you have to know those sites exist though)

-If you already have an over cluttered home

-These are some food for thought. Comment below if you have any other thoughts about your preference. 

Have a Gray day!

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