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The 3 B's

When I was on my high school dance team are coach always referred to how we dressed and carried ourselves by the 3 B’s (boobs, butt, belly). How you dress is not only an expression of what you’re saying but it also speaks about who you are. What do you want to say? 

There are so many factors to clothing that can add to what you’re saying about yourself the color, the pattern, the fabric, the size...not your personal body size, the size of your shirt (Are you trying to be a rapper?)

Here’s a little more in depth of what you might be saying:


The lighter the color the more approachable you seem. More middle tone colors (Think Crayola) says you’re more bold and confident with who you are. The darker colors make you seem like a rebel, or like you’re shy trying to fade away from visibility. 


There are some patterns that never go out of style (polka dot, stripes, and florals). If you want to play it safe these 3 patterns are your go to. If you feel a little daring try mixing two of them while staying with the same color theme. If you want to take it up another level do a same type of pattern in 3 different colors (ex: red floral shirt, blue floral shorts, green floral cardigan) if you want to be more daring just stay away from these basic patterns and try something different. Even mix and match patterns just try to stay to the same color scheme or it becomes too loud.


Fabrics have an effect with not only how you look but how you feel. You wouldn’t wear satin in the summer or mesh in the winter (maybe with a jacket, but too cold on it’s own). You would then be too hot or too cold and it will show in your face and body language in your photos. Also, fabrics have texture that can add to what your saying (ex: silk=luxury/classy, Velvet=Vintage, etc).


Like I said before if you are wearing an over-sized shirt it could come off as a rapper (most likely if you’re wearing oversize pants too), or maybe a trouble maker, or like you’re trying to hide something.

Tight clothes can show a bit of desperation if you’re not too careful but can also show confidence if done right. There is form fitting...and there is tight, there’s a difference. By tight I mean showing off every little crease in your skin including your bra straps that aren’t meant to be seen under a t-shirt Form fitting though, still shows off the shape of your body but without showing sweat areas and every detail of your body...save a little mystery to the mind. 

I use to work at Old navy and I remember once working with a lady who lost 80lbs and was a size 16 jeans. She was wearing a size 12 jean but I got her in a size 8 and you could see the difference in her personality. Wearing the right size clothes can add or take away from your confidence to your image and voice. 

So there is a lot of different factors to think about with what you want to say especially if it’s for a photo that will last forever. I will add more clothing and outfit tips in a later blog but for now here’s just some initial food for thought. 

What’s your style if you were to put it into 3 words? Comment below!

Have a Gray Day!

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