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Smells like Love

One of the things people mostly look at when first arriving to a venue is the decorations, which about 90% of the time will include some type of flowers. Here are some great vendors who execute that special look!

Hart Floral Design, Portland & Bend OR

She really make flowers and art. Madison travels around the world and teaches her talent. With this experience, she has a well understanding if you want to add culture to your wedding. Great for the outdoors and being “one with nature.” Her goal is to create one of a kind looks that are just as unique as you.

What makes “you” you?

Ali Briskey Floral Design Studio, Salem OR

I had the pleasure of working with Ali on a stunning styled shoot. She is super creative and artistic and a total sweetheart. She integrates floral throughout a venue almost effortlessly. Promised to be with you from proposal to delivery. She is easy to connect with. She shows off designs from local regions that show your story, personality, and style. She will not disappoint!

How involved do you want to be with your florist?

Bella Bloom Florals, Sherwood OR

Perfect for the trendy and fashion forward. Bella Bloom Florals focuses on the details that brings the bigger picture to life. They are efficient and work with you every step of the way. Their customer service is next level! Even if there is a venue change or your ideas change, they really make sure to still execute your vision or help get you out of a tough situation. 

Will you or a wedding planner be dealing with the situations?

Penny and Lulu, Medford OR

They strive to be in season with all their flowers and communicate what you want to say on your wedding day. They pick flowers from all over the world, so if you can think of it they will get it! They are also full on wedding designers so they are not just limited by florals. And can help design your overall wedding as need be. They are also known as “penwell & lowenberg design.”

Do you already know your exact dream flowers?

Newport Florist & Gifts, Newport OR

I always love a good family run business. With Tarrah, her husband, 3 kids, and dog, they have over 30 years experience combined. Them and their designer all have college degrees in their fields making them super knowledgeable about the plants they are working with. Their goal is to bring care and creativity to each design. Their designs are great for a tropical fun vibe.

Does “who” your florist is add to your wedding experience or does the flowers say it all?

I hope these choices take a little stress off of your planning. Maybe at least spark some extra important thoughts you weren’t thinking of. If you’ve dealt with any of these florists, drop a comment below and let others know what’s worth the experience.

Have a Gray day!

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