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Model Photographer

Why should I be behind the camera? Because I have been in front of it many times and know every angle, lighting, and pose. I am a model turned photographer. Here’s my story:

I was an awkward skinny girl always growing up. My mom would say she was NEVER as skinny as I was...it’s not that I wouldn’t eat, I just had a ridiculous fast metabolism. Burgers and fries, typical fast food was my go to meals. Still, I didn’t gain weight...I just tried to maintain it. I didn’t even workout either in fear I would lose weight. 

One day senior year I was driving around and heard a radio ad for “Seattle Talent.” An agency looking for dancers, singers, actors, and models. I was hesitant to go like a small town girl like me could really make it. Luckily, my boyfriend now hubby, told me “it’s better to go and find out you didn’t make it, then wonder your whole life if that was your one and only opportunity.” Well I went but didn’t tell my family in case I failed they knew. I got a callback! I made it past the first 1500 people auditioning, then the next 200 of callbacks, to being the 1 of only 20 who got signed. 

After being signed they said I was on the fast track since I was a late bloomer (coming into agency life). I went to a convention in LA called iPop! It stands for international presentation of performers. There were hundreds of agencies from all over the world. In the end, I got 7 awards, including Dancer and Model of the year. I got callbacks from 20 different agencies. This is where I signed with WILHELMINA New York. 

After the convention, and my first trip to meet the whole agency in New York, I came back home like “now what?” Seattle Talent then placed me with TCM in Seattle. Then I made almost every other weekly trip, a 5 hour drive one way, for castings and jobs. 

I then craved more work, more experience. I tried to go back to New York and the day before I left they sent me to their new agency in Dubai! I loved it so much! I would move there forever if it wasn’t for that summer heat. I went there two separate years and worked every day! My look was in high demand there. Once getting home, I wanted more, so I made calls and emails around to which I got in contact and signed with NEXT LA. 

After getting married, we moved to Texas where I wasn’t close to any of my main agencies. I ended up meeting with and signing with DRAGONFLY in Dallas. 

I decided to take my experience of modeling and take it behind the lens after having our first child. I wanted to help mentor and strengthen new models. 

Through modeling I’ve worked with: Free people, Nordstrom, Amazon.com, Forbes Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Jason Wu, Michael Cinco, just to name a few. 

If you have any questions more about me and my experiences drop a comment below. 

Have a Gray day!

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