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A brides big focus is her wedding dress so of course a grooms got to be at the same level. Here are some places that you can buy or rent tuxes from. 

Bespoke Bride, Bend OR

They are not just a bridal shop but also do menswear as well. They specialize in slim fit for all body types. Their style is for the modern fashionable man. You have the option for either an appointment in the shop or to do an online quiz and have it shipped directly to your home. Convenience at your door step. 

How much time do you have to get things done?

Men’s Wearhouse, Eugene OR

The nice thing about this place is it’s all over the country so you know they have a reputation of reliability and a wide selection of choices. My husband has both rented and bought multiple suits from them in a variety of colors and styles. We never had a problem. They had great customer

service and helped us find exactly what we wanted. 

Do you pre-shop online?

Tuxedo Junction, Medford OR

They are named Rogue Valley’s top choice for men’s tuxedo and suit rental. Located downtown they sell styles that are more traditional and contemporary. Their customer service goes above and beyond even if your situation is last second. Dorian and Nicole are total sweethearts and great at what they do. You won’t be disappointed if you work with them.

Are you planning last second/short notice?

Mr.Formal, Portland OR

While selection is varying, many rave about pricing and customer service. They sell not only suits but vests, shirts, ties, and even shoes. They have you ready from top to bottom, but again each category is limited based on what others say. This place is a wild card. If you have an open mind it’s great, if you have a specific desire it can be a struggle.

Do you have a style pictured in your mind?

The Bridal Gallery, Salem OR

They offer the complete selection of  Jim’s Formal Wear Tuxedos. That means a wide variety of styles to fit your need. They also really focus help to make sure the colors match exactly for your wedding day. This place was bought by Angie when it was originally called Suzanne’s Bridal. This place has been running since 2007. 

Is your wedding one color or multiple?

I hope these options spark some more thinking in you. Comment below if you’ve been to any of these places. Let others know what you think!

Have a Gray Day!

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