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I'm Feeling...

The best kinds of photos are the photos that make you feel something, they set the mood. Here’s some things you will want to consider. 


Lighting plays a big factor in part of the mood. The lighter the photo the more dreamy and joy you may portray. In reverse, the more darker the more sad or mad you may portray. It also depends on where the light is coming from. If it only lights half your face people might look at you as bold or angry. If the light is equal all over your face you are perceived as more approachable.

What do you want the viewer to think of you?


Clothing is like speaking with no words. Your style is an outward expression of who you are and what you want others to think about you. Bright colors can be seen as daring, bold, or individuality. Neutral colors can be seen as comfort or go with the flow. Dark colors can be seen as edgy or introverted.

What do you want to silently express?


Depending on the type of shot, full length or just a close up, the background can add a bit more of a story to your photo. Surrounded by green like trees and grass you can be perceived as relaxed and simple. Lots of colors like flowers you can be perceived as the girly girl more extroverted. Usually something with a school colored background you’re perceived as an athlete aka “jock.”

The closer to the face the shot is the less the background has influence, just as the farther you are the more the background adds a story. 

What’s your story?


You may not of thought of this one but the photographer has a lot to do with the shot. They need to help make you relaxed and enjoy the shoot and help execute whatever your personality is. If they do not engage enough with you and help make you comfortable it will show through the shots.

As I believe “the eyes are the gateway to the soul.”

Hair and Make up

Hair and make up can take your shot to the next level if done correctly. It can provide a confidence that will shine through. It’s an art and balance. Too much make up or hair and it could be like a mask. 

What’s your every day hair and make up routine?

Thanks for taking the time to hang out with me! If you want to know more about portraits comment with your question below so I can know how to serve you better. 

Have a Gray day!

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