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A Wedding Cake to Remember

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is the cake tasting. Sometimes though, it can be overwhelming. I want to help! Here’s some of the best Bakeries in Oregon to help get you started on your search.

1. Helen Bernhard Bakery, Portland OR 

Are you having a classy elegant wedding? Then this place is for you! This place was established in 1924...94 YEARS of building reputation and STILL in business today. It was owned by 3 generations of Bernhard’s before being bought by the Laufer’s. The company is BIG on family values and it shows not only through the business but its customers as well. One review on their website talks about how her grandmother bought ALL her birthday cakes there once it opened in her teenage years. She then bought cakes for all her son’s birthdays and then her grand-kids. The granddaughter writing the review claimed it as “a family tradition.” Talk about commitment!

What traditions does your family have that maybe you could add to the wedding, or even your cake?

2. Sweet Life Patisserie, Eugene OR

Ok, I might be a little bias with this one because this is where we got our MANY wedding cakes from and I DO NOT REGRET IT! I couldn’t decide on one flavor so I got FIVE small cakes so everyone could have what they want. I had strawberry banana, chocolate Irish cream, blueberry poppy-seed, dulce de leche, and chocolate hazelnut. They have so many unique flavors and healthy gluten free and vegan options. I also have members of my family who are vegan and with allergies. If you have sensitive family members with some health issues but also want a great taste that EVERYBODY can enjoy then this is the place for you! 

Do you want flavor(s) that everybody will love? Or a one flavor fits all? Also known as “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” I mean...it is your wedding after all.

3. Sweet Magnolia Bakery, Florence OR

Are you the type of person that has flair with all that you do, a real character? Or do you want an adorable beach wedding? Look no further! A great BONUS is it’s a cafe so you can have catering as well. Two birds with one stone as my mom would call it. They have unique flavors like “the tropical carrot” a carrot cake with raisins, coconut, and pineapple with cream cheese icing. “Napoleon Almandine” golden chiffon and puff pastry with Amaretto Bavarian cream. Just the names alone spark my curiosity!

Would you want your cake to be as unique as you and your wedding?

4. Gerry Frank’s Konditorei, Salem OR 

Do you want a simple traditional wedding? This place is a good choice for those that LOVE the timeless classics. What keeps you coming back is their seasonal flavors. Also, classics but the real deal. Oregon is known for their berries so might as well use them in delicious cakes, am I right? No party in Salem is without one of Gerry’s cakes. They also have many delicious flavors of cheesecakes. My personal FAVORITE is the Marionberry cheesecake. I love it and could eat it EVERY DAY....well any of their cheesecakes I could, talk about YUM! 

What flavor could you eat every day and never get tired of?

5. Fat Cupcake, Oregon City OR

The thing that’s been going around for awhile now is cupcakes. People love them because you don’t have to cut them yourself AND you save money on silverware. You just grab and go. This place is good if you want to take out that extra work for your guests and make sure everyone has the same serving size to enjoy. This place has a great family and community vibe serving with love, dedication, and passion. The names alone show their consideration of all aspects of people’s life. Also, if you're not a fan of cupcakes they do wedding cakes as well!

What would you want your cupcake to say about you and your life?

I hope some of these choices take a little stress off of your planning. If you’ve been to ANY of these places, drop a comment below and let others know what’s worth the time AND taste buds. 

Each photo is linked to the website so check it out and see what you can envision at your wedding.

Have a Gray day!

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