Oregon and Washington Portrait and Wedding Photographer Erica Gray based out of Eugene Oregon
Oregon and Washington Portrait and Wedding Photographer Erica Gray based out of Eugene Oregon

I'm a mentor. visionary. supporter. Innovator. friend. stylist. Dreamer. Problem-Solver. 

Hey! I'm Erica Gray the girl behind the lens. I first picked up my Dads Nikon when I was fourteen and have been craving the camera in my hands ever since. I love the creative outlet. Seeing the shot on my work station...the color... the texture...the patterns, it all draws me in. I love the little details. I love the mood that can be created.


   Getting that great shot is a team effort, and I’m a team player. Everybody has value and their own unique quality they bring to the table. I truly believe the expression that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So what will yours say?


   If you have any questions or want to get to know me more, reach out and let's connect. I want you to be absolutely sure about your decision. So take a look around, get a feel for what I’m about. This is an experience you should cherish.


I like to photograph only with purpose. Whether it is a candid photo at an event, or a carefully constructed portrait. I make sure I'm not just hitting a button but being aware of you, the light, the moment, and the context of a shot. Same goes for my editing. Every photo is nurtured from top to bottom.


The brightness of an image brings me enormous joy. I create this style with the intention of making the viewer feel like whoever is photographed is approachable and kind. The adjustments I make to a photo are minimal to uphold its authenticity.


A lot of photographers adjust their photos to blend in with the masses. What sets me apart is I create custom presets, per client, to showcase your own style while maintaining my cohesive look. I'm a fan of pops of color that makes you different from the rest, just as unique as you. 

Oregon and Washington Portrait and Wedding Photographer Erica Gray based out of Eugene Oregon

I have been in love with my husband and high school sweetheart, Javan, for about twelve years now. We are blessed with three children Sophronia,  Lucy, Odin and an Australian terrier named Sydney. We have come so far on our journey together. We did long distance for four years, he was in school while I was modeling across the globe. We then lived in Texas for a couple years before moving back here to the Pacific Northwest for him to help with his family's business.

When I'm not photographing a client I'm usually taking pictures of special moments with my family. Family is very important to me. I have a new obsession with family history since joining my hubby's church back in 2015. It is so fun to see back into the past of your ancestors. It's a great way to discover more of your identity and why you are who you are. 

I'm a Wife. Mom. Sister. Adventurer.

Daughter of God.




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